VR BOX’S Feature:

With a multifunction wireless bluetooth 3.0 remote controller. It is suitable for mobile phone, PC, TV box, MID, gamepad, etc.
Equipped with the anti-blue ray glass to protect your eyes
The enhanced version 3D glasses use 42mm diameter aspheric optical resin lenses, lowering the distortion degree and giving you more wonderful 3d experience
Adjustable headband is suitable for different need
Adjustable pupillary distance and focal distance, convenient to use
Light weight and compact, easy to carry
Suitable for the phone ranges from 3.5~6 inches, such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung S6, Samsung S6 Edg
Do not use the mobile phone while charging
Android system can install application software by scanning QR code, IOS system please check the official website. (refer to the manual)


Android system supports all function of the bluetooth remote controller. IOS is not so compatible with this remote controller.Please refer to the manual to use this remote controller


Material: ABS+PC
Video Input: Cell phone
Lens material: Aspheric optical lens
Compatibility: Android, IOS
Dimension of VR Box: approx. 19.7×10.5×14.0cm/7.8×4.1×5.5″
Dimension of Remote controller: approx. 130x33x44mm/3.9×0.99×1.32”

Bluetooth Gamepad Features:
Can be use as a portable PC remote controls, game controllers, wireless mouse and a remote controller for mobile phone, tablet, TV box, etc.(The Bluetooth-enabled devices must be Bluetooth 3.0 or above).
Compatible with Android, PC and IOS.
Includes three modes:
Mode 1: Android mouse/ shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 1 button to power on.
Mode 2: Android music/ shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 2 button to power on.
Mode 3: IOS shutter/ game, both press START and Mode 3 button to power on.
Operating range up to 10m.
It is mini and cute, convenient to take along.
First, you should disconnect the WiFi of your smart phone Because of the interference of WiFi signal, and then pair the Bluetooth Gamepad with your smart phone.
When unforeseen circumstances cause can not be shut down, please press the reset button with fine needle.

Package Includes:

1 * VR BOX

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