LED time display(the time display 0:00)

There are 3 levels of brightness(the default brightness is medium)

Night mode with automatic dimming

Total 3 functional buttons:MODE,UP,DOWN

Total 4 positions time display(12/24 hour modes)

The alarm AL display is 6:00


Alarm with snooze function

Snooze function,5-60 minutes(The default interval time is 5 minutes)

Power:5V(AC adaptor excluded),CR2032 button cell battery(not included) for settings back up,USB Cable(included)


Time Setting:

Press MODE for 3s to enter time setting, setting order: hour-minute.


Alarm Setting:

Under alarm mode, press MODE for 3s to enter time setting, setting order: hour-minute-snooze time. will light up when setting.When the alarm beeps:


Press MODE to active the snooze function.The AL icon will flash.Or press DOWN to turn off the alarm.The AL icon will turn off.


Night Mode:

The clock will automatically lower LED brightness under night mode, press MODE twice times to enter night mode.

Press MODE to turn night mode on/off.

When night mode is on, press MODE to ender night mode setting, setting order: start hour-start minute-end hour-end minute.

Brightness Level Setting:

3 Brightness levels: Bright, medium, dark

Default brightness level is medium.

Press UP to switch brightness level.





Display: digital

Light color:White/Orange/Blue/Purple

Battery:CR2032(not included)



Package included:

1 x LED clock

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual


Blue, Orange, Purple, White

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