1. High-tech Refrigeration Technology: Using evaporation technology, it turns daily cold water into cool, clean air through a special filter, allowing you to relax and stay cool on hot nights. Cool and humidify to get better air. Inject ordinary water to reduce the temperature by 3-5 degrees, and inject cold water to reduce the temperature by 5-7 degrees. The speed of one meter in 5 seconds releases more negative ions.
2. Silent Cold Wind: This sound has a decibel of 40-50 decibels, no radiation mute technology, and can be used by pregnant women, elderly and children;
3. 7-color night light function: Soft light 7-color night light, improve the quality of life and create a good sleep atmosphere;
4. Angle can be adjusted: The up and down angle can be adjusted by rotation to meet more angle air supply;
5. Built-in upgraded version of filter cotton: Effectively block fine dust particles, dust bacteria, microorganisms, etc. in the air to make the air cleaner;
6. Convenient to use: There are two options of adding water directly / opening the cover and adding water. The design of removing the cover and adding water can be added to the ice water mixture to make the wind cooler;
7. Large capacity: 300ML water tank capacity, 3 gear wind power, can last 6-8 hours.

Product model: M201

Power Supply: USB
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 1A
Power: 3W

Material: Plastic
Size:15.50cm*14.50cm*17.00cm( Length* width * height )
Color: White, Green, Pink
Weight: 535g

Note: When adding water, pay attention to the position of the side window. If the warning line is exceeded, the water will overflow;
You can add water directly or open the lid to add ice water.

Package List:
1 * USB Mini Air Conditioner Fan
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual


Green, Pink, White

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